Drive from Budapest to Sucany

Well, A picture perfect drive north to Sucany, Slovakia for meetings this week.   The roads in Hungary were a bit narrow by our standards, but very newly paved and smooth as can be.   The Slovakia roads were another story.   I had to pull over to verify the constant shutter in the drive was from an uneven pavement and not flat tires.   The drive   was curvy scenic and not to much traffic; a great combination in a couple of things.   Tight on Euros (now the currency in Slovakia) but ATM machines are abundant.   The first attempt resulted in denial...but perseverance 'paid'.   Viking dinner   of   fresh fruit, stick sausage, fresh rolls tonight.   Back to the hotel room as the skies darken and open up with a thunderous roar.   Skype home and then a couple of hours of computer work to call it a day.   Early start tomorrow and a very busy week coming up.

A Weekend on the Road

Awesome trip to Budapest.  Perfect weather in beautiful city.  Wine tasting is never better than in a castle.  Had to miss a big race at boathouse row, the Stotesbury.  The largest and oldest high school regatta so they say.  Sean kicked butt...taking the silver in his freshman quad...but hey...the beat Malvern.